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On consistency

My work as a plastic artist is part of the continuity of an action which is the primary dynamic of the result.
I think through the velocity of the dust of my compositions thus constructed and installed.
The artistic implications can determine temporary corrosions in all marks of repentance due to the bite of our environment.
They could just as easily be an organic wave between two spaces.
And, in this precipitation, the truths of the traces overlap.
Traces that give life to imperfect and singular raw things.
The experience of the piece gives forms which are superimposed on the glyphs of tools.
To this parallel idea that all miasmas and woes of precipitation arise new seeds.
And to all the good impulses of the renewals of our ferromase.
By design of this profusion prospectivist I would do well to be consistent.
Cross-cutting mornings
Cross-cutting mornings
intrinsic transversality
intrinsic transversality