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Culture et civilisation
Culture et civilisation

New Artistic Commonwealth 

The Artistic Commonwealth became persisted and signed a socio-economic coalition. International art has been drawn into a polarized vortex. It is to commune in a non-contradictory emulation that political estetism will speak as much as the chromatic distribution of the community tuning fork.

He was born on 999.963 a.a. (after art).

Robert Filliou

Research in washed-out of frills, aesthetics, but with a pungent humor. With him, time and play remain surfaces of artistic flow. "Art makes life more interesting than art".

The visceral artist Hermann Nitsch practices the work as a play and beyond the scandal, he launches a great celebration of the mysteries of life. A total unconditional artist, his palette is blood red and involves a spectacular excess on anthropomorphism and group phenomena, he has been controversial since 1957.