Designer Plastic

people and movement

I am interested in ways of life and in subjectivism, in a language close to the structural anthropomorphism. And I expose boxes and rafts on the edge of dream poetry.

I propose to put up miniature representations, some scenes of acts which are collective moments of life. The main subject, being the handing on.

The expression of these human groups passes on the public; their relations around minerals and vegetals.

There are scenes of share where you can see monolithic attitues.

The protagonists, influenced by an ethnic esthetism, can give you a liberty of interpretation. The whole works is going against the trend of a sculpture linked with the conscient live experience.

The concept of gynecee appears clearly in my work.

The scenes recall the influence could have groups on the construction of the human being, on the construction of our own personnality.

I have a deleuzienne influence of the immanence and all those old and holy steles which are softened by their unexpected shades will choose you.


Base'Art 2014

Development of transition