Designer Plastic

Designer Plastic


Places are space

Place as space is a prospective science of speculative gender orientation.
I therefore oriented myself a little better outside of the song of the initial theme of this representative advantage to purify the forms and the means, with which my objectives are a sharing of new concepts to disseminate to a large audience.
Also in the Soussi of a better analysis for a viable multiculturalism.
The relationships of ecological transition and community resilience of a lateral homage allowed us to see, in the study of our belief trees, that they are the stumbling blocks of our multicultural societies, as well as the structural convergences of our humanities.
This being my interest in lifestyles and subjectivism, in the constructed language of structural anthropomorphism, commits me as a poet and dreamer, to develop subjects of transmission.
What remains of yesterday's beliefs from our magical superstitions? What place do we unfortunately take the statistics of specialists to occupy us today? What about local hats and customs? Living in harmony with its environment requires a proper appropriation of our presence to better develop our future beliefs. The natural environment adapts and makes us progress like most philosophies. For me now progressiveness should be put forward more for our future and our partnership of common survival.
My adherence to a better Anthropocene philosophy often leaves me wondering when I see reality.
And yet, the present advances with all our materialism.