Designer Plastic

Designer Plastic


Artistic life

Capital register

Development of the transition for aesthetic research.

My artistic work is oriented towards an aesthetic of happiness.

I am thinking of an "aesthetic", community and sedentary.

It is with the influence of Max Weber on the political question and the social discourse that I see historically leading a new reasoned plastic approach.

The total artist brings out a performance of the order of the living theater in a state of mind of social action and artistic action.

I conclude that the modern aesthetic embraces the social and the political.

I follow Ricoeur's precepts with "the hermenetics of the ego" and those of Foucault with the "technology of the ego".

So I unconditionally return from phenomenology to Deleuze's immanence and structurally inscribes me in other anthropocene notions.


Super marché de l'art Toulon
Super marché de l'art Toulon

Base'Art 2014

Demonstration of sculptures on a Lubéron limestone
Proposal of trainings at the workshop
Wood panels for the city

Galerie Imbert

7 Rue Jacques de la Roque

13100 Aix-en-Provence

the red door

Galerie Jardin

Adresse:  18, rue de Gergovie
75014 Paris
M° Pernety, Plaisance

Galerie Mouvances

2, place des Vosges
75004 Paris

Galerie l'atelier expo

5 rue des moulins
83690   SALERNES