Designer Plastic

Designer Plastic


Performance and installation of objects

I'm interested in lifestyles and subjectivation, in language close to the structural anthropomorph. And I put boxes and rafts in sequence at the edge of the poetics of the Dream.
I propose to install miniature representations, genre scenes which are moments of collective life whose main subject is transmission.
The expression of these human groups transfigures to the spectator their interrelations. Representations of sharing where we are confronted with monolithic postures.
Smooth characters with an ethnic aesthetic that leaves room for personal interpretation.
A set of pieces goes against the grain of a raw work linked to the living experience of consciousness.
A scenic representation of the miniatures making it possible to visualize, outside the frame, links that stir concepts. A political field whose mediators manipulate jargon.
These staged volumes evoke a mode of reading on the influence of group phenomena, whose composition, the exhibition of volumes will be around plant and mineral structure and idea presented with personal texts engraved on plates of brass.
I affirm my affiliation in an abstract imagination of the moment with installations that claim to be architectonic composed of twenty stelae softened with unexpected shadows.